Blog 2: Flowers – Go Big or Go Home!

Flowers – Go Big or Go Home!

Buying fresh flowers for your house can be expensive – especially if you are trying to keep at least three rooms looking bright all the time. Fresh flowers last around 7-10 days; so one great idea is to invest in some good quality faux stems. Yes, you might think you need to take out insurance for them, but add up how much it would cost you for fresh ones so frequently.

A good tip for faux flowers if you don’t want to ‘splash out too much’ – don’t buy the “faux leaves”. Cut some real ones from the garden – that will liven it up and then your guests won’t look twice at your arrangements and think they are pretend!




Places I would suggest going to find good faux stems are Sia home fashion, good department stores with big home furnishings sections and local garden centres you will get a great variety there. Also have a look online – but be careful, some look better in the pictures and when you get them you’ll be sorry items like this are always better to purchase in person.

Can’t arrange flowers?? Don’t worry – help is at hand. There are tonnes of videos out there to help beginners stick glorious stems in lovely vases.

Want to create a feature arrangement but don’t want it to look too out of place in your home, try colour blocking your flowers to create a wonderful arrangement that will be the centre of attention – that not your thing? Pick colours that go with the rooms colour scheme maybe select big hydrangeas with some lovely tall flowers to give it some height.

As I said in the title “Go big or go home’.



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