Blog 3: Trends – Right here, right now!

Trends – Right here, right now!

‘This trends is going in the right direction’ – Ted Smyth.

1: Big and bold florals – the bigger the better.

There are so many ways to incorporate this trend into your home, if you think this one is for you you’re not likely to go and get a cushion or two for your living room. You want to GO BIG. Try a rug for the main centrepiece of the room this is a great pop of colour and will definitely be a conversation starter and get some matching items for the room – maybe a vase or some curtains if your feeling really bold.

If you don’t have room for a rug or don’t want your mother in law breaking her neck everytime she steps into the room (or maybe you do…) maybe a good feature wall either in the living room or as a great entrance hall. There are so many manufacturers and different companies out there that have walls and walls (sorry for the bad joke) of options. Here are a few places; Graham & Brown, Harlequin, Osborn & Little and Cole & Son.


2: Copper – It’s everywhere. Get it before it goes!

Copper is a huge trend it came in slowly at the end of 2016 and has made it big in 2017. It has come out of the Hygge trend from Denmark. In both Danish and Norwegian, hygge (pronounced hue-gə or hoo-gə) refers to “a form of everyday togetherness”, “a pleasant and highly valued everyday experience of safety, equality, personal wholeness and a spontaneous social flow”

The two easiest rooms in your house to include copper are, the kitchen and the dining room.  In the kitchen there are so many pots and pans now that are being produced in copper or with a copper bottom so you can just see a hint of it. Plates, bowls and utensils are now being sold in copper or with a copper ring round them.

So minimalist but so chic.


Using copper in the dining room is easy – changing a pot you have your plant in, the light you have hanging from the ceiling – that can give a nice glow too.


3: Botanical: It’s a jungle out there….

The botanical theme is huge! Everyone is talking about it, everyone is selling some kind of palm leaf print. Be part of it.

You have to be bold to go all out for botanical – if I lived in a huge house I would do palm leaf print curtains to the floor with matching cushions and or maybe a throw. But I don’t I’m still waiting to hear from the National Lottery on that one….

Anyway, there are many different ways you can bring the biggest theme of the year into your house and only by doing the following things.

If you were to re-do a downstairs bathroom the back wall would be a great place for a palm print tile or wallpaper all the way round if your brave….. but such a great surprise for people when they enter.


Another idea is a bedroom but keep the rest of your room very white and plain. White duvet and a botanical throw at the end of it with a botanical chair or blind. Then for your desk, bring in maybe some clear vases, orange flowers with big green leaves to give great colour to it make it vibrant or a palm leaf print on the wall to give it some pizzazz.



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