Blog 5: What’s your Interior style??

“Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality.” – Shawn Ashmore

Everyone has their own style whether it be in fashion or through interiors. People decorate their homes differently – maybe each room is a different colour, bold bright colours so they make a real statement when a person walks in or they have decided on one colour scheme throughout the home.

It is quite possible many people are scared to follow a current interior trend and just stick to magnolia and white, neutral / beige or black & white in their home to keep it simple and clean looking. Decorating a home is not like painting nails – it stays for years! We have to make the right choice and really sit down and decide what we want.

There is the wall & ceiling colour, carpet / flooring, sofa & cushions etc – on and on the list goes. Yes, we can mix and match a cushion or two but a whole room scheme is a big deal and we want to make sure it’s right and that everyone else likes it too.



No matter what your interior style is – your home and rooms have to be all of the following things:

Flows well throughout the home
Aesthetically pleasing

We all find out what we want our interiors in our home to be one way or another, whether it’s looking through tonnes of magazine’s and ripping out the best pictures, living with people and not liking their idea of “great decor” or finding pictures on the internet and saving them.

These are the top interior design styles I’ve found for this blog:

Rustic – country cottage look:



Classic Style:

Interior design & bespoke furniture


Scandi chic:



If you want to incorporate a trend into your home but am a bit wary of how too, Pinterest is a great way to find thousands of ideas for your home no matter what size it is.

If you have a small flat for example – take the current trend ‘Rose gold and marble’ then go and buy a few small pieces for the home so that you quietly and gradually get used to ‘spreading your interior wings’ – you might not have tonnes of space but you have dipped your toe in and tried it out.

Get the look:


I have created quite a few pin boards on pinterest about different trends so that no matter what you prefer there is something there for everyone.


There are so many top trends at the moment – botanicals, terracotta, blush & grey – go and take a look at my Pinterest page – BothamInteriors

What do you do – Do you follow trends? Do you make trends or do you hide from them??

Let me know on twitter @BothamInteriors or Instagram – CharlotteBothamInteriors


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