Blog 7: Nurseries – why your little one will never want to stay in another room.

“My new favourite smell is baby smell. It makes me so happy. If someone could bottle that, I’d love to have it.” Jane Krakowski

Nurseries are such wondrous places, apart from lying next to you, it’s where your baby feels safe and it’s their haven.

So, you’ve either just had a baby boy or girl or have just found out what you are going to have. Congratulations! But, what are you going to do about their room??? They can’t come back from the hospital where they’ve been waited on 24/7 to a messy room…

The question is do you go for the standard pink for girl and blue for boy? Neutral tones if you aren’t sure. Or something completely different because your baby is not going to be like other babies.

In this blog I have done my research and found some great ideas for your little ones’ new found heaven. Also, whether you’re working on a budget or not I have a section on how to create a nursery with one – they might be small but they cost a fortune!


Colour schemes

You’re having a Girl and you want to go for pink but not too much. Of course, she’s your princess and will be forever!

Get the look:



Having a girl and don’t want pink or peach or anything super girly anywhere nearby but something relaxing. Lilac is a nice shade to use and works so well.

Get the look:



Having a boy and really want a blue room for him, he’s a (mini) man and needs to make sure people know!

Get the look:



Having a boy but don’t want the obvious colours.

Get the look:



Want to go for neutral tones in your nursery and have a relaxing feeling no matter what the sex.

Get the look:



Want to be different and don’t want to have an obvious nursery for your little one. Although you want to be cool and so will your baby!

Get the look:



Nursery on a budget

Want to create that beautiful flowing canopy above the cot but don’t want to go and buy a really expensive one? Make your own by using net curtain fabric. It’s so much cheaper than buying a ready made one from the shop and you can design it yourself!


Top tip – when purchasing the material ask for double the length to give it depth and a fuller feel. You could even add a bow where they meet to hide it.

Here are some links to two “no sew, canopy” videos:


Forget fancy wallpaper or a decorator coming round – stencils are best!

There are some great stencils around and it doesn’t have to cost the earth to look fancy. You can either use stickers or actually be bold amd brave and paint using a stencil.

If you want to use stickers for quotes or your baby’s name – here are a few great places to look:

Personalised Wall Design

Vinyl Wall Art Stickers


If you’re going down the painting using a stencil route, the top videos to watch first are:


Here are your best stencils to purchase:

Ideal stencil

Etsy stencils


Now your having a baby, every company is telling you you have to buy their products for storing your essentials. Be savvy!

Don’t listen to them – especially if you’re on a budget! You don’t need a special chest of drawers for your stuff – buy what you want and purchase a separate drawer organiser. This way everything is neat and tidy and where it should be. These are cheap and you can make them into order you want in your drawer.

Get in order

The Holding Company have some great ideas and different options.

The Holding Company

Ikea has a really great one as you can cut it to size.


I’d love to see your nursery photos – send them to me on twitter @BothamInteriors / Instagram – CharlotteBothamInteriors or Pinterest – BothamInteriors.

Enjoy x


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