Blog 8: Welcoming Hallways

“When one door closes another door opens but all too often there is a hallway in between.” Rick Jarrow

I feel sorry for hallways, they stay as they are for ages no one remembers they are there. They just walk in dump their stuff and carry on. They must get jealous of the other rooms being painted and decorated nicely and having great detail and care put into them.

Make a stand and change your hallway!

It is such a nice feeling walking into someone’s house when they have a decorated hallway with nice accessories.

Let’s have a go at all the key elements in this blog so you can be sure to make your friends green with envy.


Do you want to go for tiles, wood or carpet?

Tiles – They’re becoming quite trendy now and make a huge impact when someone enters your home. Yes, black and white is bold and the usual thought for tiles when you think of a hallway, but why not try another colour?? NO, I hear you scream, that phase will move on after next week and I’ll hate the colour. Well, I’m here to change your mind.

These pictures of coloured tiled hallways are beautiful and you could incorporate the tiles into the side of your porch. Here are a few options for you to think about.

8ba07df774f18a4ec21a52c4929760de.jpg                               77bc304275dc922e466d06976cfaaa7c.jpg











Wood: Having wooden flooring flooring in your hallway is a very nice feature. Light wood is better as it gives the feel of bigger hallway – dark wood is nice too but it can make your hallway feel smaller. Having one main colour on your floor draws your eye right too the end of the hallway. Therefore, if you use a lighter colour it makes it feel light, bright and airy.

Here are some pictures to give you an idea.















Carpet: Carpet, well where do we start? There are so many colours, patterns and thicknesses. In your hallway, you can have carpet all the way and straight up the staircase or just stopping at the bottom of the stairs, or a final option, just going down the hallway and up the middle of the stairs, showing the edge of the stairs on each side. The possibilities are endless.

Where do you begin? Here are some ideas for your hallway.

















By the wall

There are key a few key features that will brighten up your hallway and surprise your guests and make them green with envy!!

Having just these main things will be a real change to your hallway.

  • Mirror
  • A side table
  • Flowers
  • Umbrella stand

Mirrors: They are good to have as a nice feature on the wall but also handy so you can check yourself before you walk outside to the world. This works for both you and when you have guests they can make sure they look ok when they enter your home (especially if it’s been raining).

A side table: A lovely piece of furniture for the hallway, handy as a last minute – need to pop the keys down I forgot something. Somewhere to place the post you need to send or just a nice to have to hold some vases of flowers, which leads me onto my next point…

Flowers: They always brighten up any room and will do the same for your hall. Try and get nice scented ones so that it is what people first remember when they enter your home. Two vases on your tablet, it balances your side table out nicely – if you can’t afford to keep the up keep of fresh flowers don’t forget what I wrote in Blog 2 about faux flowers.

Umbrella stand: Always important! We live in England remember… This will be a godsend to you but also your guests. When you have them round you don’t want to be dealing with wet brollies! You want to be chatting away with them.

Here are some examples of each:























48793c15c1e269e4cfd1b8d41513c495   ade476955b6eb95d48429612eabc6f33



Have a go with your hallway and send me your pictures with the #charlottebothaminteriors – Remember we’re on Twitter @BothamInteriors and Instagram @CharlotteBothamInteriors or Pinterest – @BothamInteriors

Enjoy x


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