Blog 9: Not so conservative Conservatory decor

Orangeries, conservatories or garden rooms whatever you call them the decor can be bold, beautiful and vibrant!

Conservatories are great, they make you feel as if you’re outside while being inside – how fabulous! They all have lovely big windows showing you the great outdoors while having the luxury of being indoors.

Conservatory decor can go so many different ways, people used to think of them as just for the older generation but now if you have one at any age you can make it look like another room in your house and give it the wow factor – like it’s just popped out of a magazine….

Here are four ideas decorate your conservatory:

  • Bring the outdoors in
  • Bright citrus colours
  • Make the table your focal point
  • Tropicana


Bring the outdoors in

Botanical is a trend that is here to stay and stay for good. So I’d invest in this one – I am quite fond of this – actually, I LOVE this trend. Let’s find ways of how to incorporate it into your conservatory.

Purchase house plants, big and tall palm leaves will really make your conservatory flow into the garden, especially when it’s sunny and when the doors are open. Two in one corner will be good and make a big impression. Don’t go too Kew Gardens, add a few short plants to bulk out the area as well.


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If you don’t want to feel like your living in a jungle then perhaps some botanical prints will be more your thing.

Neutral or white furniture with botanical cushions or throws will make sure they they POP out and bring the outdoors in. Also, by adding different cushions to neutral furniture means you are able to change with the trends – maybe you could try two of the four ideas I have come up with here.


Here are some ideas for your conservatory:

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Bright citrus colours

Citrus colours are wonderful – Orange, lemon and lime. They are bright, vibrant and luscious. Use them against bright white or neutral – not patterned neutral as this will detract from the colour.

You can use these colours in your blinds / curtains, furniture or table covers. The possibilities are endless, so is the choice of colour. If you like all three you are lucky, they all work well together, if you think of it, both oranges and lemons grow with vibrant green leaves.

Another good way to include citrus colours in your conservatory is to have mini citrus trees! No, they don’t have to be real – you can buy faux ones! They look fantastic and so real.

Here’s some ideas for your conservatory:










Having a few of these small trees on a dining table makes a bold statement and adds a touch of the mediterranean to your conservatory. If you have a bigger tree in the corner of your room or in two corners really brings it all together with some same colour throws or cushions.

If you like the sound of using this decorative theme for your conservatory – keep your walls white, you can bring in some blue as well to this theme but is has to be the right shade – think of a china blue colour.

Here are some ideas for citrus cushions, curtains & blinds:











Make the table the focal point

Most conservatories are used as dining rooms, so with that said make your table look as fabulous as possible. Have it ready without all the cutlery and dinner plates. Have the table runner, table mats, coasters, flower arrangements all out and on the table to make people think WOW – they have got their life in order, everything is ready and it looks so damn good.

If you have a long table a table runner works on both a plain table as well as a table cover. It’s nice to have your table cover in plain colour with the runner to be the one that stands out. Get the place mats and coasters to match the runner too – that always looks like you’ve just taken your room from a magazine. Although I like things to match and hate anything out of place – it is nice to see bold colours that you wouldn’t necessarily put together but do work well.


Here are some ideas for your dining conservatory delight:

b625c77de1ffc66f607f1b680d25b66c.jpg  e03adf20180bbb13f3f94b723a23cb78


















Having your dining table dressed like this all the time makes it easier when you do actually have people over as half the work is done for table dressing!

A clever thing to do that makes the table look beautiful and dressed impeccably – wherever there is a table setting add a decorative miniature faux tree or faux plant. These are so sweet and really show your guests that you are going the extra mile and even when you don’t have an event it looks 100%.



As well as the botanical trend, I don’t think the tropical one is going anywhere fast either! This one is staying around for a while too. With this trend, the key things and colours to look for are: pineapples, watermelons, banana leaf prints, bright green, pink & orange – add the odd flamingo print too! Imagine you are living in Florida – hard to do sometimes when it’s raining and a bit cloudy but it will be sure to brighten your day.

Tropicana is a good theme to have in your conservatory because it is the last room that looks out onto the garden and seeing as all your plants are bright and vibrant – why not make your conservatory the same! This will make the room flow into the garden easily, including green here & there with indoor palm leaves and you will feel like your garden is bigger than it really is.

Here are a few ideas to include the tropicana theme into your conservatory:



Now you have these four fabulous ideas to decorate either your Conservatory, Orangery or Garden Room, I’d love to see your pictures – we’re on Twitter & Pinterest @BothamInteriors and Instagram @CharlotteBothamInteriors – use the #CharlotteBothamInteriors

Enjoy x


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