Blog 12: Monogram Madness…

“My rule is, if it’s not moving – monogram it!” – Reese Witherspoon


I just love anything with a monogram on or anything that can be monogrammed! Monograming has come and gone in the style / fashion stakes. It was “Chic” at one time then it became “Chavvy” – now, it is back to “Chic” again and every where you look whether it be Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or shops monograming is there and it is definatly something that people look twice at if you have an item with your initials on.

We can all think of that one designer brand that offers a “Monogramming serving” which  we all want one item with our initials on. But, there are so many other items that aren’t  ‘Handbags or a fashionable item’  that you can have in your home to jazz it up and add that chic look to it.

Thanks to the wonderful website by Mark & Graham, I have learnt a brief history about monogramming and here is a quote from their website:

“The monogram was a royal signature or seal and currency, initials carved on coins to mark the reign of a particular Roman and Greek ruler. In the Middle Ages, artisans – who know a good thing when they see it – began to use their monogram initials to personalize their work. In the Victorian era, monograms became a symbol of aristocracy.

Believing that monogram letters marked on their table linens, cutlery and other household goods was a sign of prestige, upper class families became veritable monogram generators. Soon every household boasted their own form of monogram styles: embroidered monogram letters for noblemen, simple personalized stamps for the lower class.”


Thanks to my Instagram follower friend who I also follow,  Sasha Nicholas has the most glamorous and colourful dinnerware I’ve ever seen. Who wouldn’t want to have dinner plates for your whole family with their initials on?? How amazing is that thought?? How jealous would your friends be…..

Forget, plain white boring ones – this actually has your initials on! You will never want to actually eat from these plates but at least you will have pretty ones!

Here is the link to her page (note to self – you’ll want to buy it all!) : Sasha Nicholas Instagram / Sasha Nicolas PinterestSasha Nicolas Shop



















Towels & Pillows/Linins

Having a monogrammed towel might seem a little pompous but that might be because you haven’t lived in the moment and had your initials on your towels and lived like a King…. I haven’t got mine on my towels, I think I would just get make up on them and that wouldn’t be so good. But, I might get some for decoration – which is a nice thing to do . Christy’s do wonderful personalised towels and Bathrobes so – check them out and imagine living like a Royal.

Another site I like is, Merci Maman Boutique their embroidery section is really sweet and looks less ‘Formal’ than others, without cutting corners –  if you want to just have a your name or your child’s name on the item.




Monogrammed pillows on your bed is a great look, you can match the initials to the colour scheme or clash them if you wish?

Having a monogrammed pillow is that extra touch – if you have them in your guest bedroom for family and have their initials on the pillows that shows you have gone the extra mile. Great ideas for pillows are either your guests initials, or Mr & Mrs / Mr & Mr or Mrs & Mrs. These are fun ideas to add as decorative pillows and nice as presents too!

Here are some ideas:










Etsy is great for finding one off items, so it’s always great to have a look there and see what you can find. Not on the high street is also a wonderful website to find different items to other people.

Or if you want to go a little more high end….. The Monogrammed Linen Shop is a great place to look. They do more than pillow cases too…. so the world is your oyster there!


Set the mood with candles in the home but this time they’ll have your monogrammed initials on.

I found these candles from Carved Solutions and they look so rustic and country like they will give a real romantic setting to your home.












Home Office

Thanks to the great people at Mark & Graham as I mentioned above, it’s all well and good having your initials all over the house – but how about having your own wax seal…..

Well look no further…. Wax Seal Set by Mark & Graham



Or this, Self Inking Rectangle Stamp (Monogrammed of course)



Whenever we read Interior design magazines, there is always a tray just left in the living room or office etc, so how about get one of these and put your initials on it: Mark & Graham





I hope that you have enjoyed this week’s blog, please do share with your friends on Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest. I’d love to see what monogramming you have a home – use the #BothamInteriors and tweet us @BothamInteriors or share on Instagram @CharlotteBothamInteriors.










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