Blog 16: Simple Scandi Chic Living

“It’s always darkest before dawn” – Scandinavian Quote


‘Simple Scandi Chic’ or “Scandinavian Chic” has become a phrase that interior designers have thrown around a lot more in the past few months. It is a very clean cut way of living, simple lines, no clutter, very minimalist and 99.9% no colour – if you’re keen on colour then this is most definitely not for you.


Take a look at these photos below they represent typical ‘Scandinavian Chic’



Pic: ‘At67’




Pic: Pinterest



It’s not just “flat pack furniture with a meatball thrown in…” every thing looks simple (remember that – simple and minimalist) relaxing & calming, but extremely typical of Nordic lifestyle… cold. However, there are ways to warm it up…



Pic: Pinterest


Throws and blankets! Use these and other items to create ‘Hygge’, Hygge is a Nordic way of life (more about this in my fourth blog)  this shows how to incorporate it into your home easily.

But, today I’m here to help you recreate Simple Scandinavian Chic in your home.

Colours to use

All we need is love – actually it’s white (walls, lots of them) – just joking! Nearly…… White is a key factor with Scandi Chic on the walls whatever you search for 99% of the walls will be white, bright white – not painted 3 years ago white. It is a good background colour to have therefore you can add so much to it and it will stand out and make people really notice what you have hung up or what different colour light you have placed by it.  White is our friend, it may look cold in some lights but don’t fret it can be worked with to get warmed up easily.


Grey is next, either dark grey as a feature wall or light grey for all four if you’re lucky enough to have a large room to pull it off (no in-between shades). Grey is to be used with white on the walls (sorry it’s popping up again) but this is only to add effect and to make things stand out. Remember this is to recreate the Scandinavian look – we’re not going to be having Grey and lilac!


Black is another key colour in this trend of 2017, but only as an addition – not to be used as a thought for a feature wall we have to keep the walls light and bright remember. Black is for accessories like clocks with white faces or coffee tables but ones with glass tops. Things like this will make your room stand out. The reason for only black as an accessory colour is because it gets very dark very quickly in Norway so we have to keep the inside light!


Beige, is again an “accessories” colour.  This will be for lamps with white shades or vases we have to remember that Scandinavian living is a simple way of life therefore we are not going to be having pink velvet sofas or emerald green dinnerware. There are no stand out patterns on fabric goods so if you have a beige sofa or beige towels in your bathroom make sure they are easy on the eye no headaches here please!



Pic: Sherwin Williams



How to use the colours


Paint walls and the ceiling, white makes everything look cleaner and bigger (so it’s a win win) also, if you want to –  try and get the floorboards showing and paint them white too. Carpet isn’t really a nordic way of life so rugs are used around the house.

White tiled flooring and a nice white rug really ticks all Scandi boxes. Crisp white linen too will be lovely and fresh looking. Make sure when you use white use it on big spaces or pieces of furniture this way it will make a statement when walking into the room and against the accessories of other colours.



Pic: Art and Chic



Want something to really stand out? Have feature walls, have a feature ceiling or a grey cornice! Be bold, be different – make your friends go “WOW, this is amazing” through gritted teeth. They will be so jealous of your new take on “Scandi Chic” It doesn’t have to be 100% white just so you know! (phew, I hear you all say and relax into your chair!)

Rugs and cushions are a big part of this trend so make them grey and stand out on your sofa. Kitchen worktops or cupboards in grey would stand out so well against white walls too – try it out be a devil.



Pic: Nyde





Pic: Mrs Polka Dot




This little colour is not to be used too often… so key accessories are the way to go.

  • Photo frames
  • Vases
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Glass tables with black legs
  • Candle sticks
  • Cushions on white sofas


These are a few ideas for you on how to incorporate black into your home when only using it as little as often. The reason is, is because black is such a powerful colour that when using it in the “Scandinavian” trend it makes such an impact it only needs to be used occasionally as it is a trend that wants to be kept “light and bright” not “dark and dull”



Pic: Sofa Workshop




Pic: Nyde



Other key pieces

There are a few extra items that are essential pieces that really finish off the Scandinavian look.

For example: plain plants and greenery are great all around the house to make it look just like you’ve stepped into Norway without using your passport.



Pic: The Decorista




Pic: My Chic Adventure


Wooden items and unpainted wood are also another key feature, they give the room a whole new look and make it completely fresh and plain looking but really stand out and against white.



Pic: One Kind Design




Pic: Nordic House



Finally, candles! Candles are huge in Nordic living, they give a warm glow to the room. This helps us especially as autumn is just around the corner. Putting candles together in groups really changes the whole feel of the room.



Pic: Lights4fun


If you have really enjoyed this blog, take a look at my Pinterest board “Scandinavian Chic – Trend 2017”  it will have more pictures to inspire you and hopefully give you the nudge to redecorate one of your rooms in your home.

If you go for the Scandi plunge, please share your photos with us on or on Instagram at Charlottebothaminteriors #charlottebothaminteriors


Charlotte x




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