Blog 14: Simple Santorini Chic

“Santorini – what’s not to love?” – Unknown

Sit back, relax, close your eyes and imagine the sun streaming down on you. Hearing the sound of the cool crystal blue sea going in and out. But…. no, unfortunately were not there, well I’m not anyway –  I’m in London. However, wherever you are in the world you can bring Santorini to you. In this blog I will help you to incorporate it into your home. I will show you how to update each room and give you tips on what to include. With some fabulous photo inspiration.

Key colours for this trend are: bright blue & white using hints of gold & bright pink.


This is one of the most used rooms of the house so why not spruce this up! All of Santorini is bright blue and white (not painted 3 years ago white – newly painted!!) There are so many different ways of bringing this trend into your kitchen.



Pic: Pinterest /


  1. White walls and work tops with a bright blue splash back or bright blue mosaic mid – wall boarder (so Chic and such a conversation starter) If you don’t want to use mosaic try a more mediterranean looking tile for your kitchen.
  2. Bright blue feature wall with matching bright blue knobs for your kitchen cupboards (some great door knobs can be found at Anthropology)
  3. White walls with bright blue cornice with blue table top and white legs.


The possibilities are endless, but if you don’t want to go to all that trouble and want just “another trend” to add to your dinner service or want to see if it will work in your surroundings. Then look no further:



Pic: Pinterest


Pic: Pinterest / Tesco















Pic: Pinterest




Pic: Pinterest / The Home Depot


Like what you see so far?? Well read on to find out about more rooms in the home!


Although the amount of time spent in our bedrooms is with our eyes shut… we do like to try and have “show home bedrooms” that look like something from Elle Decor (I wish).

According to Colour Matters, each shade of Blue has a different meaning.

Bright blue: cleanliness, strength, dependability, coolness. (The origin of these meanings arise from the qualities of the ocean and inland waters, most of which are more tangible.) Most blues convey a sense of trust, loyalty, cleanliness, and understanding.

Going back to Santorini Chic – In your bedroom when the sun streams through in the morning it seems silly not to have the wonderful bright blue and clean whites with hints of gold.





Pic: Pinterest












Pic: Pinterest


Ways to update your bedroom

  1. Even if you don’t want to change your walls – if they are white, then bright blue bed linen is a lovely “colour pop” or have white linen with a bright blue border to it, I found some the other day both through Yves Delorme & Designers Guild (both beautiful – can I buy it now???)
  2. We all know that a lovely cushion is a nice feature on a bed, whether they match or you have a few different sizes – how about bringing the Santorini trend in that way??
  3. If you’re lucky enough to have these colours in your room already but don’t have a hint of another colour – then try either gold or deep pink. The gold makes your bedroom more luscious and whatever your budget the overall look will instantly  create a more opulent surrounding.



Pic: Mountainhomedecor



Living room

A living room, also called a lounge room, lounge or sitting room, is a room in a residential house or apartment for relaxing and socialising because it is used for these two main things why not give it the WOW factor to your guests? Bright blue and white with hints of gold and bright pink to make them really want to stay and enjoy their time at your house. They will be jealous of your Santorini inspired living and wish they had thought of it in their home.

Great ways to say Hi to Santorini in your living room are:

  1. Have white walls and make a fantastic feature on your wall with a big gold mirror. This will really be a lovely focal point in your room – yes, Santorini is 99.9% blue and white but this is a great break up of the two main colours. You can also match this with some nice lamps on side tables to it all together.
  2. If you had a nice white upholstered footstool or white table in the middle of your living room, here is where you could add some nice bright blue Santorini key pieces, like a tray or vase for some pink flowers… You might end up with coffee table decor envy…. I can’t promise it will be pretty (well, at least your table will!)
  3. Lastly, if your not into gold, try bright pink to match the lovely flowers that grow over in Greece.  For a real colour clash, try the following: white walls, blue curtains and for your pop of pink, two side tables either side of your white sofa. To tie this in with something else, if you have a fire place paint the mantlepiece the same pink to match! Or perhaps a nice pink throw for the seating. You will have the coolest house in the street.



Pic: Target on Pinterest




This is the shade of pink you should go for.          Pic: Pinterest



If you don’t want to update the inside of your home, how about take Santorini Chic outside to your garden or balcony?

This is always a great one to do as we spend a lot of time in the garden in the summer so why not imagine your having a little secret Santorini garden of your own?


What you should bring to your outdoor area:

  1. We have to remember that in Greece it is super hot in the summer and a lot of the items in the outdoor areas become “worn looking” over time, the Greeks are not very keen on upkeep of gardens over there – it’s more like make it, build it – put it in the garden chic. So lots of pots still white / stone coloured will work, if you purchase some of these in different sizes then that will look more realistic – try not to go for plastic as it won’t give off the same vibe, unless you really can’t tell the difference.
  2. Pebbles and pebbled flooring – huge trend. Try and create this trend by laying down tiles of pebbled flooring as a pathway with some lovely fairy lights put in the grass next to it will look fantastic.
  3. Wood – remember this is Greece, not Dubai where everything is shiny and has to be flashy and the best. Try some lovely wooden or light cane seating. This is just what you need to give your garden the final Santorini look it was needing. Now you can add white flat cushions to sit on and bright blue ones to decorate it with. Then your seating is complete.



Pic: Pinterest


Pic: Pinterest















I hope you have enjoyed my blog and will take some of my ideas into your home or garden. Just remember the two main colours are bright blue and white and if you want to add any hints of something else use gold or bright pink.

If you haven’t seen already I have created a pinterest board on Santorini Simplicity so go and check that out for more tips and inspiration.

If you do use any of these ideas please do send me some photo’s via twitter @BothamInteriors or Instagram – CharlotteBothamInteriors and use the #charlottebothaminteriors




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