Blog 15: Inspirational Botanical Interiors

“Botanical – It’s a jungle out there!”

The botanical theme came onto the scene a long time ago – here is a small article from Harpers Bazaar in 2011 ! But the flowers are still smelling good and the leaves are still green – the botanical trend is going strong now in 2017 and I think it will continue into 2018…. Let’s just wait and see!

In this blog I am going to show you how to incorporate this never-ending trend into your home. What colours work well with it and some inspirational hints and tips on how to spruce up the place we call our own.

You may think Botanical? Green??? Ewwww – but don’t fret, there are tonnes of botanical prints out there in different colours which make them stand out even more than the usual green ones. All your friends will be so jealous that you have picked the “cooler design” and haven’t gone with everyone else – companies like, House of Hackney have an extensive collection of interior decor in any colour under the rainbow – have a look (after  you’ve read my blog!)

So, let’s see how we can spruce up your bathroom, bedroom & living room with out feeling like you’re living in a jungle….


I didn’t think this was a room to make “botanical” until I saw this photo….





Isn’t this fantastic? It is so exotic and something really different. There are specific places to purchase “bathroom wallpaper” not just your normal wallpaper – this is due to the heat and water in there.

Here are a few suppliers: Graham & Brown,  Sanderson  & West One Bathrooms 



Pic: MyDomain


Pic: Space & Shape













If you don’t want to use wallpaper, how about shower curtains… No, don’t give me that look – they are not all yucky and mouldy – take a look at these and they will make sure you are part of the “botanical trend.”



Pic: Wolf & Stag


Pic: Saskia Pomeroy / Urban Outfitters













Shower curtains with matching towels is a good combo and not too much.



Pic: H&M Home


Or if you don’t want to re decorate your bathroom completely, but want to dip your toe in the botanical bath – then try the below.  Have some deep green plants in the room and make it look as exotic and botanical as possible. This is easy as you can move them from room to room if you feel you want to try it in different rooms!



Pic: The Guardian



Bedrooms are usually a calming colour… well think again!  As botanicals are such a big trend this can really work in a bedroom with this type of decor.

Don’t just think of wallpapers, bed linin can work wonders for big prints. Just look how well a botanical print has worked in this picture:



Pic: Eastern Accents


You don’t have too go crazy and change the whole decor of the room but if your walls are white then this is a fantastic way to upgrade your room to the next level.

The top places to find wonderful botanical bed linin are:

H&M Home / Designers Guild / Next / Dunelm

If you don’t want striking bed linin then how about white bed linin with botanical cushions and a matching throw? This will still keep the trend going but not too in your face. Add some lovely gold accessories to your room and they will work perfectly with your dark green leaves.

Try these beautiful cushions from





Living Room

A living room is an interesting room to take from one trend into the “botanical world” you can either go all out and do dark green walls, palm print wallpaper or botanical printed sofas and armchairs…. or have hints of the best trend this year. Big plants, cushions, a throw and maybe a statement wall?


Let’s take a look at how to do either!


Going all out for a deep botanical living room:


Let’s be different from the tribe and not go all out with deep dark green, let’s try blue or pink…..

This is so tropical, exotic and different. People will be so jealous of this room – both colours will work all year round so do not hesitate.



Pic: House of Hackney


Pic: House of Hackney













Let’s have a look at green… this chair from Agent of Style would look fantastic in front of a dark green wall or dark dark blue. This may seem strange but the two colours do work well together.



Pic: Agent of Style


Pic: MiaFleur














Fancy a hint of botanical room let’s see what we can do:


A palm print here and there will work perfectly with bright white walls. Definitely have  a plant or two in the room will make the trend come to life – literally.




Gold accessories will stand out with the dark green and work so well together. You can have great accents through mirrors, lamps, side tables etc.



Pic: Apartment Therapy


If you don’t want to go to all this trouble but want a tiny piece of the jungle in your home try candles or fragrance diffusers with a tropical scent.

These great ones from Primark look fantastic.



Pic: Primark


If you want more inspiration take a look at my “Botanical pinterest board” for some wonderful pictures.

If you are transforming your home into a beautiful botanical interior please send me your photos and use the #charlottebothaminteriors on Twitter and Instagram.

Charlotte x



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