Blog 17: Mix it up with Millennial Pink…

Do you have this in Pink???

You may be thinking – what the hell is “Millennial Pink”, well I can guess that you will have seen it about 10 times today already. Yep, that was it walking past you in the street.

Pantone actually named it “Rose Quartz” and made it “Colour of the Year 2016



Pic: Pantone


After taking the fashion world by storm it quietly crept into interior design. There are so many ways to include this colour into your home easily; with pastels or against darker colours to make it stand out.

In Blog 17 you will be able to see how to mix up your home decor and include “Millennial Pink” through paint, wallpaper, furniture and additional items here and there to make your house pop with pink.


We all know that the shade of the moment is “Millennial Pink” but where do we start in picking out the “right one in our local diy store??”

I have done a bit of research and below are a few pictures of paint shades to think about using in your home, paint companies have created “Millennial Pink” shades due to how big this trend has now become.



Pic: Edward Bulme

Fotograf Klas Sjöberg Foto Klas Sjöberg

Pic: Farrow & Ball – ‘Nancy’s Blushes’












Pic: Country Living





Pic: Crown – ‘Fairy Dust”




Pic: Blog Lovin



We all know we’re working with “Millennial Pink” or “Rose Quartz” as Pantone call it. But  what other colours work with it?? We don’t want to look like we’re living inside a huge marshmallow – do we?……

I have been looking around and below are pictures of what other colours will work with your pink.



Pic: Design Seed





Pic: Daily iPhone Blog





Pic: Pantone




Pic: Colour Hex





Wallpaper is fantastic for people who aren’t artistic or good with putting colours together  – they do it for you!! You just find the one you want and …. Ta – da.

All you have to do is find the accessories to match – not too bad, at least you have the colour scheme right in front of you eh??

Here are some wallpaper ideas for inspiration if you are having trouble putting paint colours together.



Pic: Murals Wallpaper




Pic: Wall Library




Pic: De Gournay


A great thing about “Millennial Pink” is that it works with so many colours so wallpaper is a fantastic way to incorporate it into a room. You can have it on all four walls or just one to make it a feature. That will be sure to make it a talking point.




We all have them, room goals. Everyone wants an Instagram or Pinterest worthy home, we all walk into our favourite shop and want to purchase everything in there so it just looks “magazine ready” and ready for that perfect snap to release to the social media world.

Here are a few pictures of different ways to incorporate “Millennial Pink” into your home whether it be the kitchen or the garden! This will also give you inspiration to update your rooms to glam in an instant.

Enjoy and get ready with your camera and notebook….





Pic: Decor Salteado




Pic: Rock my Style




Pic: This Is Glamorous




Pic: Apartment Therapy




Living Room



Pic: Vogue Australia




Pic: This is Glamorous




Pic: Room Decor Idea




Pic: Unknown






Pic: Coco + Kelley



Pic: Home Brunch




Pic: Buzz Feed


All these wonderful pictures give us inspiration for our own homes and give us fantastic ideas on how to update a room or transform it completely.



There are a lot of us out there that live in homes with rooms that are completely white or magnolia…. (speaking from experience!) and don’t want to change the colour as it’s relaxing or it looks nice and clean. Therefore going completely pink might not be for you but you might want to have white rooms and change your accessories with the biggest trends.

Thought that might get you listening. Go on – do it, I dare you…..


Here are some accessories that are “millennial pink” to make your room pop!




Pic: Popsugar






Pic: Pink Sole







Pic: It’s Pam Del


There are also a few other accessories / ideas that will work in your home:

  • Candles
  • Pillows / Cushions
  • Throws
  • Mirror frames
  • Lampshades
  • Table settings
  • Rugs


Try these out or go and take a look at them in some shops to see how you feel about having this trend in your home.

If you have really enjoyed this blog, take a look at my Pinterest board “Give us a wink for Millennial Pink” it will have more pictures to inspire you and hopefully give you the nudge to redecorate one of your rooms in your home.

If you go for the Pink plunge, please share your photos with us on or on Instagram at Charlottebothaminteriors #charlottebothaminteriors


Charlotte x


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