Blog 18: What’s hot and what’s not for 2018…. 

When another season rolls round, so do all of the following seasons trends!! We are always looking at next year before we’ve finished this one – it’s crazy. Can we not be happy with what we’ve got??

Well, unfortunately I’m here to let you know what is on trend for next season (sorry) – in this blog I have listed “what’s hot and what’s not for 2018”. I have always said and it’s something that I believe in – you don’t have to follow trends, I always take note of them and if I like them, maybe change a few things and update a room or two but I don’t go wild with the paint brush, for two reasons:

1: I don’t have the money

2: I don’t have the time.

But if you do have both, then I say go for it make your house the trendiest one in the street. Show your neighbours what can be done and how to do it.

So, here we go, get ready for the list of what’s hot and what’s not…..


What’s Hot



Brass interiors are very “in” right now and it’s so easy to incorporate this into your home. Brass is nice, shiny and bright (who doesn’t like something shiny – we’re all magpie’s really) and it stands out on whatever surface you use it on. It is a big trend for end of 2017 beginning of 2018 you’ll see it in the shops already if you look closely…..



Pic: Claire Moody Kitchens





Pic: Ferm Living



Brass is taking the place of another metal that has been huge this year – can you guess which one?….

You’ll find out if you read on.

Like what you see – think this trend will work in your home? Hop over to  to look at “Bonjour to Brass” for more inspiration for your home.


Matte Black

Although it’s getting darker and colder outside it might seem strange to bring it into your home too?? But…. matte black interiors are HOT stuff for 2018 and end of 2017.

We’re used to every surface in our homes being shiny and sleek for so long but matte black is very different. This is something to keep your eyes open for, it’s a conversation piece as most people are used to the other end of the spectrum.

Here are a few ideas for your home.







Pic: Bisque


If you’re not sure about going all out for matte black how about go 50/50 ? White porcelain and matte black is a lovely look and very stylish. Great for a bathroom or kitchen.

Like what you see? What some more inspiration for your home? Take a look at for my “Back to Matte Black” board.




A huge trend for 2018 is Terrazzo and it is terrific. Terrazzo is mainly used for floor and wall treatments but as it’s such a huge trend people are creating other objects and items in this. It consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass. Terrazzo was created when resourceful Venetian mosaic workers discovered a way to reuse marble remnants. It comes in all different colour schemes so don’t worry it will work with whatever paint you’ve got up on you’re walls. (YAY!)

Here are some brilliant examples for your home of how to incorporate terrazzo.


Sevak Zargarian - Small Bowl [blue/red] [detail]Photographer: Yeshen Venema

Pic: The Maker Place




Pic: Oliver Bonas



Like what you see?? Take a look at my pinterest board “Terrific Terrazzo” for some more inspiration and ideas.


What’s Not




I’m afraid that our good friend copper is not “in” any more (sigh) Brass has taken over from that and will be our new shiny friend for 2018!! So keep your eye’s open for that.







All these great things keeps saying goodbye to us! I’m afraid that Marble is “out” too – Terrazzo has treaded on it’s toes and said it’s boss now – time for him to shine.



Pic: Remodelista


Personally I still like marble I think it is chic and glam but if you want to go with the powers of be that tell us what we should be buying then throw it all out and go wild with wonderful Terrazzo.


If you have really enjoyed this blog, take a look at my Pinterest page, it will have more pictures to inspire you and hopefully give you the nudge to redecorate one of your rooms in your home.

If you go for the plunge for any of the above, please share your photos with us on or on Instagram at Charlottebothaminteriors #charlottebothaminteriors and tag us in your pictures.


Charlotte x


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