About Me

This page explains how it all began…..

I had been a Personal Assistant for six years – working like the “Devil Wears Prada” in the City. Then one day the call came… (the day before my 25th) I was being made redundant. Yes, it was gutting and I didn’t know what to do next – I was comfortable where I was and not ready to move.

After a few days of speaking to my parents over dinner and lots of cups of tea we realised that it was right in front of me. I loved interior design! Every time we went to a department store I would always look at the furnishings, paint swatches, cushions, and room layouts they had and wishing it was my room.

So, after looking at a number of places to study I realised I didn’t want to go to university and decided to do it from home.

In January 2017 I signed up to a course that lets you study from home and can take up to two years to complete if you want – this is with The British College of Interior Design. They send you tutorials every two weeks and you submit your work and they come back with their view. Then, March 2017 came and I decided that I wanted to meet people doing the same thing as me – more looking around and I signed up with The British Academy of Interior Design (BAID). Every Saturday from May – November 2017 I have to trot on down to Westminster University for the whole day and learn lots more and meet fellow budding interior designers!

I now have lots of time in the week to learn and read up about interior design, save pictures, create folders and complete my courses until the day comes when I become an official “Interior Designer” – however, just because you have it on a certificate or two doesn’t mean you are actually good at it.

Practice makes perfect.

Charlotte x