Blog 15: Inspirational Botanical Interiors

"Botanical - It's a jungle out there!" The botanical theme came onto the scene a long time ago - here is a small article from Harpers Bazaar in 2011 ! But the flowers are still smelling good and the leaves are still green - the botanical trend is going strong now in 2017 and I think … Continue reading Blog 15: Inspirational Botanical Interiors


Blog 9: Not so conservative Conservatory decor

Orangeries, conservatories or garden rooms whatever you call them the decor can be bold, beautiful and vibrant! Conservatories are great, they make you feel as if you're outside while being inside - how fabulous! They all have lovely big windows showing you the great outdoors while having the luxury of being indoors. Conservatory decor can … Continue reading Blog 9: Not so conservative Conservatory decor